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Visual Direction & Forecasting: Based on verbal brainstorm.

To recap our five words for spring are...

1. Green

2. Temperate

3. Rebirth

4. Transition

5. Season

I used the words and my thesaurus to see a bigger picture.  For example the attitude of the line can be young and blooming or  possibly edgy. Comes in like a lion and end like a sheep

The following is the template I used to research 4 variables to the collection

1. Mood/ Attitude

2. Color

3. Print/ Textiles

4. Style lines/ Silhouettes

I am keeping in mind all the words used in exercise one. I use Google images to find my data.

The mood board is a mix of magic, new beginnings. Nature being both inventive and edgy, while still being soft & feminine.

After looking over this page I arrive at a very colorful, feminine, and abstract collection. I was also able to start pulling color selections from the mood board. This in many cases can save you lots of money. Color forecasts and swatches from Pantone are not cheap. Trend forecast services may or may not offer them based on your particular subscription. For example the SS 14 color planner from Pantone is $750.00. So if your budget is much smaller, I suggest using the mood board to help create your color story. Below is a selection of colors for the collection. I will narrow this down based on cost of material and what is available. Some colors are more expensive than others to dye or produce.

As you can see, 5 simple words and a little brainstorming created a guideline that will organize my approach and allow me to define look, style, colors, textures, and more. Look for Step 3 in trend forecasting to understand how the design approach is effected by color selection, and emotional context of the collection.

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