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Size Range and the Role of Body Shape

Back in the brick & mortar days, we had a chart (1.1) used to address body

shapes. It was one that had an apple, pear, block, and etc. Shapes used in the image below helped customers align their own shape with everyday items, such as a pear. The shape, just like an egg, requires a specific container to best enhance the body's attributes or best feature. When helping a brand formulates fit we discuss this shape factor quite a bit.

1.1 Classic Body Shape Chart. Used in fashion retail to educate sales associates

With body scan technology we can also assess shape groups and be able to partition design & inventory planning. These can be planned at one time in a unified manner. Imagine the Impact on shape education if we advance the body scan tools and image detectors to advise the consumer on what shape their body aligns with. The image below(1.2)is an example of how brands may be able to use shapes to develop collections. For example, one collection has 4 pants, 2 skirts, several tops, and 3 dresses. Designers could create silhouettes that might represent this ratio of silhouettes to body shapes. If you made a style for each shape above, you could also adjust the depth of inventory. Buy or order depth can planning is impactful to the company’s profitability. Image (1.2)outlines sectors of shape.

1.2 Chart of 3D body scans sectioned out by SHAPE

In the future, our collections need this finite approach to human form to ensure a higher sell-through, limited waste, and better consumer education regarding the body. By providing better product knowledge & fit education the industry may see

greater purchase retention and customer relations.

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