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Find out what fashion brand DON'T do that causes return rates to increase!

Having over 22 years of experience working in many types of fashion businesses, in various positions has provided me with a 360 degree experience. I can understand what works well and what doesn't. I also have history with the business prior to e-commerce, and within only e-commerce fashion.

With all the learnings that I have had over the years, the biggest issue with returns is not really fit, but what the customer knows about fit. In extensive surveys and market research amongst adults younger than 40, we see a huge stop gap in consumer education. Please watch my video to learn about ways we can design from a better perspective. One that will effect the consumer education positively.

Teaching people why a fit is WRONG for the BODY TYPE is something fashion brands dont do well. They want to show a product in the most perfect way, but e-commerce requires the intangible to be tangible in a moment. 3D design & marketing can shape the way we approach our consumers.

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